The Future of Life by Edward Wilson — a book review

The book The Future of Life is a piece of inarguably high standard, concentration of knowledge and wisdom. It is a rich and comprehensive display of scientific arguments finely knitted with strong facts and truth, forming persuasive logical coherence on the subject — biodiversity, human-nature relationship and future advancement of life on Earth. Edward Wilson’s deep love and life-long passion towards nature are seen throughout the book, presented by fascinating details of nature, species, and human discoveries. It is categorised as a book of life/environmental sciences, but Wilson brought it out as if it was some most private and emotional stories. The book reached both great vastness and depth in its field of study. Wilson did not try to tell us what exactly the future of life will be. He outlined the possibilities and the logical assumption for readers to echo about the future in their own head. But at the same time, he did tell us what the future of life will possibly be like, by bringing the readers to as close as what he can possibly foresee with his scientific certainty and inspire those who read with an open mind. For this reason, the book has achieved its purpose.